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* Title标题 Product liabillity of toy company for a defective toy
* Status处理情况 Completed
* Author作者 L*nda Date申请日期 2024.01.17
* Content内容 I would like to get an advice regarding the injury caused by a defective product. So I purchased a electronic car toy through online this week. While my child was playing with the car toy, that toy got overheated due to the defective battery and burned his finger. It would be very helpful if I can get some legal guidelines about product liability of toy company and procedures to get compensation for a physical damage in the case like this.
* Purpose申请目的 To request information regarding product liability and procedure to get compensation

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Answerer回答者 Admin Date回答日期 2024.03.25



We genuinely apologize for the delayed response.


Customized Practical Law information provides easily understandable legal information for the public and do not conduct direct legal review or authoritative interpretation of individual cases. Therefore, we kindly ask for your understanding that we are not able to provide specific answers to your inquiries.


For any further inquiries you may have, please contact the customer services at the Korea Consumer Agency (#1372) or the Korea Legal Aid Corporation (#132).


We would greatly appreciate you continuing to visit our website and look forward to serving you again.


Thank you.

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