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* Title标题 Could you please help to translate the three sub-clauses under '매니지먼트 권한의 부여 등'?
* Status处理情况 Completed
* Author作者 B*ian Date申请日期 2022.03.14
* Content内容 Dear whom it may concern,

My close family member is in the process of signing an exclusive contract as a singer, and I was hoping to ask for text translation of the three sub-clauses under '매니지먼트 권한의 부여 등', under the link ''.

I want to clarify what they are specifying exactly so we could know what we are signing before we hand it over.

Thanks in advance!
* Purpose申请目的 For my family.

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Answerer回答者 Admin Date回答日期 2022.03.17

Thank you for your inquiry


Please understand that we have a difficulty providing translation of all the legal contents with the problem of a limited budget. With regard to writing a contract with an entertainment management company, you may also refer to the “standard artist management contract” (albeit available only in Korean) published by Korea Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. 

(click here: 법령자료 - 훈령·예규·고시 - 대중문화예술인(가수.연기자) 표준전속계약서 | 문화체육관광부 (


Provided below is the translation of the three sub-clauses as you requested.


Empowerment for management

The artist shall delegate authority to the entertainment management company (“Company”) to exclusively do management services related to the artist’s services, activities and rights in the entertainment industry, and the Company shall be allowed to exercise such authority as a lawful agent (see Article 2(1) of the Standard Artist Management Contract), with the exception of the case where an agreement between the artist and the Company has been made for the artist to defer the empowerment on some rights regarding the exclusive management services (see the proviso of Article 2(1) of the same Contract).


Protection of personal rights, personal privacy, etc.

The Company shall do its management duties faithfully to help the artist make the most of his/her talent and ability, and at the same time it shall make every endeavor to guarantee that the artist’s personal rights, including private life, cannot be infringed by any of the external and internal forces while engaging in the entertainment industry, within the scope of the authority delegated from the artist (see Article 2(2) of the Standard Artist Management Contract).


Prohibition of the artist’s individual activities

The artist shall not engage a third party, other than the Company, to render any services in the entertainment industry, for which the Company is lawfully authorized to provide exclusive management services during the term of a contract, without a prior approval from the Company (see Article 2(3) of the Artist Management Contract).


We hope the above will be helpful to you.


We look forward to continuing to serve you in the future.


Thank you. 

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