Consumer Dispute Resolution

Consumer Dispute Resolution
If a consumer has been harmed when using services or purchasing goods, how can he or she go about redressing the problem?

If a problem occurs with a good purchased by a consumer, it can be resolved mainly through one of the following methods: ① direct settlement between the consumer and the business operator; ② conciliation, mediation, or mediation through a consumer protection agency and other outside party; ③ litigation.

The consumer may contact the business operator directly to notify it of the damage suffered and ask for compensation. When the consumer cannot directly settle the problem with the business operator, such as when the operator refuses to provide compensation or to acknowledge the consumer's complaint, the consumer can apply for damages at the local government’s consumer affairs center, Korea Consumer Agency, and consumer organizations or file for a trial of small claims or file an order for payment or civil conciliation or civil suit in a court of law to resolve the problem.

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