Greetings, my fellow citizens!
From the time the government of the Republic of Korea was established,
the Ministry of Government Legislation (MOLEG) has supervised the legislative efforts of the government, playing a vital role in creating a legal system that the public finds fair and easy to comply with. We are making deliberate efforts to help the nation overcome the current economic crisis, by identifying, and when necessary amending, legal provisions that are not conducive to the successful performance of business by individuals and companies.
As part of such efforts, MOLEG has developed and operated legal information search services that enable the public to more easily find legal information relevant to their lives. Since we clearly understand the significance of legislative administration based on the universal values of the Constitution, we are making our utmost efforts to provide accurate interpretations of the nation’s legal statutes in order to prevent any infringements upon the rights of the people.
We pledge to continue to pay heed to the voices of the public and to revise any unreasonable legal provisions.
Thank you.
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